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Murray Letters


Murray Letters


The "Subject" heading of each letter in the Murray collection consists of archival and background information provided by the National Park Service to supplement and contextualize the original documents. Our thanks go to the NPS for sharing this information.

The transcriptions in the "Description" heading and embedded PDF of each letter are provided by NPS, with the exception of March 1, 1864; May 6, 1864; and November 18, 1873, which were transcribed by Kathleen MacIndoe.


This collection contains letters primarily written by George Murray addressed to his parents. Military service and medical records are also housed inside the collection.

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Camp near Fort Slocum Sept 3rd 1862

Dear Father & Mother.

We started from the Camp at Nicetown, about 3 o'clock on Monday morning; started from the city, about 8 o'clock, arrived at Baltimore, about 5 o'clock P.M. We marched through a drenching…

Camp Crossman Sept 6th 1862

Dear Father & Mother

I sit to tell you that I am well and hope these few lines will find you the same. We like our camp very well with the exception of the water which is very poor. I have had as many peaches as I…

Camp Crossman Sept 12 1862

Dear Father & Mother.

Your letter of 9 inst has just come to hand, I found the money you sent me all right. I forgot to tell you in my last letter, that I received your letter, and blanket. The blanket was of great…

Camp Crossman Sept 15th 1862

Dear Father & Mother.

I am well at present, and hope these few lines will find you the same. I herein send $25, the United States government bounty; and I wish you would send word right away, whether you received it…

Camp Prescott Va. Sept 30th 1862

Dear Father & Mother.

I now take my pencil in hand, to let you know, how I am, and to tell you how we are getting along. I am well and all the rest of the boys, except Charley Wilson who is in the hospital at…

Camp Prescott Va. Sept. 1862

Dear Father & Mother

We are on the sacred soil of Virginia at last. We left Camp Crossman last Thursday, and arrived at our present camp about five o'clock. We marched pass the president's house, Smithison…

Camp Prescott Va Sept (1862)

Dear Father & Mother

I received your letter of the 21st inst, I was glad to hear from you.I have wrote several letters to you; I wrote about one letter every week to you, but I think you did not receive them for…

Camp Near Poolesville Md Oct 25th 1862

Dear Father & Mother.

I received two letters from you, one was dated the 11th, and the other the 17th. I received the first one last Sunday morn, and the last, last Tuesday. I also received six or eight…

Waterloo Va Nov. 9th 1862

Dear Father & Mother

I thought that I would sit down and write a few lines to let you know where we are. We are on the banks of the river, on Friday and entered Leesburg that night, we laid there all night, and started…

Fredericksburg Va Dec 5th 1862

Dear Father & Mother.

I received your letter of the 17th inst, last night and your letter of the 1st inst this morning. I commenced this letter on Saturday, and will attempt to finish Sunday, only fingers got so…
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