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Richmond, Va Mar 28, 1863

M. Slaughter, Esq. Mayor

Dear Sir,

This will introduce to you Our friend Col. Ball “the hero of Fredericksburg” as we term him. He visits Fredericksburg en route to Stafford in ______ and may need your aid &…

March 31st

Montgomery Slaughter Esq., Mayor of Fredericksburg


I have the honor to enclose to you a check for three hundred and twenty four dollars ($324), the contribution of Cos B&D and of the field and staff of the M-Cavalry. The…

Richmond April 13, 1863

Montgomery Slaughter Esqr.
Mayor of Fredericksburg

Dear Sir

I have again the pleasure to inform you of a deposit today to your credit in the Bank of Va. Of $124.30 sent to me from Charleston, SC, by the hands of the…

Office of R.H. Maury & CO
Richmond 14 April 1863

M. Slaughter Esq.
Mayor of Fredburg
at Hamilton's Crossing ____

Dear Sir: We hold [subject] to your order $701, remitted by F.F. Beattie Esq of Greenville, So. Ca, who write “This sum is…

Near Fredg, Aug 19th, 1863 Mr. Slaughter, Esq Dear Sir I am truly sorry it was out of my powers to see General Lee about the matter we were speaking of. This is to get him to have myself and Alexander Pratt detailed to scout for him over in the…

Hd Q. Hampton's Cav. Dw Jany 21, 1864 Sir Major General Hampton directs me to acknowledge the receipt of your favour of 20th last and to say that he would have replied in person, but your note was received, as he was on the point of starting for…

Hd.qts, Bulter Brigade Mar 3rd 1864

Mr. Slaughter
Mayor of Fredericksburg Va.

My Dear Sir,

Genl Young desires me to say that the enemy have escaped down the [Peninsula] & our party by _______. [C H* ]They attacked Richmond on the day…

Bk of Virginia, Fredericksburg
Richmond, Mar 26/64

Mr Slaughter Esq.

Dear Sir,

Your of 24 is _____ with an ______ $121_ to your ______. We will comply with your request by ______ your balance is $______.

$188 was put to your credit on…

Head Quarters Lee's Division
Cavalry corps, Army Northern Virginia
April 28th, 1864

Mr. Slaughter
Mayor of Fredericksburg

My dear sir,

I am instructed by Genl Fitz Lee today in answer to your communication which he received today that he…
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