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November 4, 1864


November 4, 1864


From George Murray to his parents, dated 04NOV1864. Gen. Collis is Asst. Provost Marshal. Army full of citizens acting as commissioners for the election. Busy building huts for winter. In ink on lined sheet, ""P&P"" mark at top. Soiled, nicked at bottom.


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Headquarters Army of P. Nov 4th /64

Dear Father & Mother.

I received your letter of the 30th inst and also the one of the 16th inst that was sent to the boat they received it and sent it on. I also received uncle Add. letter. Your letter found me in good health as I hope these lines will find you enjoying the same good health. You ask if we find enough wood to build huts and fires. There is plenty of woods around here it is most all woods. You cannot find a field large enough to fight a battle on it is almost like a wilderness but still there has been some fine farms here (two lines marked out with these words over them--omit this sentence as I made a mistake in regard to it it is not true) but they all say they have travelled through some very fine country. General Collis is assistant provost marshal and there are rumors that he is to take Patricks place as provost marshal General. I have not much news to tell you. The army is full of citizens who came down here for the purpose of acting as commissioners for the election. The officers at Headquarters send the headquarter teams back to Prince George's Court House for bricks most all of them have got brick Chimmies to their tents. The men are busy fitting up huts for winter quarters. But I have told you all of the news. I have lost my towel I wish you would send me another but mark my name on it. I am well. Give my respects to all enquiring friends. You people in the rear know more about what is going on here better than we do we are at a very poor place to find out anything that is going on for it seems the further that you get away from Headquarters the more news you hear. There is always a great deal of chim so we call it flying around but you cannot believe it. Write soon.

George Murray

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George Murray


November 4, 1864




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