Slaughter-Murray Papers

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September 1862


September 1862


From George Murray to his parents, dated SEP1862, Camp Prescott. Asks if they have received any of his letters. Camped in sight of Fairfax seminary. Expects to be paid soon, but has not yet received his overcoat. Also mentions digging entrenchments. In pencil on lined folder stationary. Creased, with three small stains on page 1. ""Dove"" embossed at top. Treated 7/1994 bu S. Filter/J. Herrick.


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Camp Prescott Va Sept (1862)

Dear Father & Mother

I received your letter of the 21st inst, I was glad to hear from you.I have wrote several letters to you; I wrote about one letter every week to you, but I think you did not receive them for some cause or other. I have wrote several letters to some of the Bustleton boys. I am well at present and hope these few lines will find you the same. I have enough things at present, as we have enough things to carry, and they talking of taking out all superfluous baggage. Officers are not allowed to carry any more than they can carry in a valise. We are not so clean as we were in the other camps, as we are not allowed to pass out, and there are plenty of others to get the water. We are in sight of Fairfax Seminary. Few days ago we had to go out and dig entrenchments. I would be glad to get some grapes, but it would not do to send any on as we might move on before it reached us. I will write to grandpap's folks soon as I get time. We have not received our overcoats yet. We expect to get some of our wages pretty soon, and look out for some money in the letters, and please let me know when you receive it. We are encamped inside of entrenchments just at the foot of a big hill, with a fort situated at the top of it, every night you can see them signalling from the fort. An Indiana regiment is encamped near to us, and you ought just see their flags, they are cut to pieces, so that you can hardly see what they are. I made a mistake in my last letter, we, are in Genl. Robinson's Brigade. Direct to Company B. Capt. Bowen 114 Reg. P.Y. Col. Collis, Washington D.C.

George Murray

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George Murray


September 1862




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