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December 3, 1862


December 3, 1862


From George Murray to his parents, dated 03DEC1862, Fred'burg. Received two of their letters. Writes of the cold and hopes to move to winter quarters soon. Expects to be paid soon. ""The old troops are down on the removal of Little Mac"" (McClellan). In pencil on a lined sheet. Creased and soiled on back. ""Fine"" mark at top. Treated 7/1994 by S. Filter/J. Herrick.


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Fredericksburg Va Dec 5th 1862

Dear Father & Mother.

I received your letter of the 17th inst, last night and your letter of the 1st inst this morning. I commenced this letter on Saturday, and will attempt to finish Sunday, only fingers got so cold yesterday that I had to stop writing, and put the letter by, it is getting pretty cold in these dog-
houses now, and I begin to think it is time for winter quarters. Yesterday it commenced to snow, it snowed all night, and when we got up in the morning the snow was two or three inches deep, it is sharp on the fingers now; but enough. We have not received our pay yet but we expect to in a few days, as he is around here paying some of the other regiments. The old troops are down on the removal of Little Mac as they call him. Several of the boys are sending for boxes but I cannot tell whether they will get them or not, you can suit your own pleasure about sending a box now. Some say we are going to move; several of the regiments have moved nearer to the railroad and river's bank; some think we will move nearer to the bank of the river. I saw Sam Helvester, Bob Dyer, Bill Ashton, and several of the Corn Exchange boys, their regiment lays along the railroad. Dick Bambrick was in camp the other day and he said that the Penna Reserves laid along the railroad. Sam Schuff was in camp Friday and he said that their brigade had just arrived here, he looked as well and hearty as ever. I am well at present, and hope these few lines will find you the same. Write soon. The boys are trying to fix up their house.

G. Murray

P.S. I think that you can send the press here, as a fellow has nothing to read.

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George Murray


December 3, 1862




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