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September 12, 1862


September 12, 1862


From George Murray to his parents, dated 12SEP1862, Camp Crossman. Received the blanket and money they sent, and asks if they received his reenlistment bounty. Also talks about happenings in camp. In pencil on lined folder stationary. Creased, stained, and soiled. Faded in parts on the reverse. Two small pin sized holes down the center. Treated 7/1994 by S. Filter/J. Herrick.


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Camp Crossman Sept 12 1862

Dear Father & Mother.

Your letter of 9 inst has just come to hand, I found the money you sent me all right. I forgot to tell you in my last letter, that I received your letter, and blanket. The blanket was of great use to me last night, as I was on guard, and the rain poured down in torrents; it almost floated some of the boys out of the tents. Last Wednesday we attended the funeral of one of our boys; he was accidentally shot by one of his comrades, he was buried back of the soldier's home, in a government cemetry; thousands have been buried in it. Send me word as soon as possible, whether you received my bounty. Last Sunday we marched twenty two miles up through the country, towards Rockville, the seat of war at present; but the government countermanded the orders. I expect it thought, we were most too green, to enter the field and were then ordered to Arlington Heights, we marched back to our old camp ground, where we have laid ever since. All the boys are well at present. The regiment is almost (broken?) up, there are, but about four hundred and twenty men in camp, all the rest have left for home; because they did not get their bounty. I wrote a letter to you as soon as I reached camp, but as you have not mentioned it, I suppose you did not receive it. This afternoon we went to take a swim, and we were obliged to pass the pickets; we brought back to camp about a bushel of fox grapes; we got the cook to stew them, and we had them for supper. I forgot to tell you that we passed Gen. Burnside and his division last Sunday; the road was lined with troops, wagon trains &c. all hastening to the scene of action. We were ordered to report to Genl. Geary's Brigade, Banks Division, last Sunday. I am well at present, and hope these few lines will find you the same. Direct as before until further ordered. Give my respects to all inquiring friends. I have not seen Stephen yet; but we passed the Penn. Reserves last Sunday. But I must bring my letter to a close as it is must time for tattoo. Write soon, and tell me all the news.

G. Murray

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George Murray


September 12, 1862




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